[Update 02/11/2021: $CRSR down 1%, $ELY down 3.04%, $OSTK up 6.77%, $APHA down 35.82% (correction?), $TLRY down 49.68%, $RIG down 5.21%, $WHEN down 5%. $MGNI up 7.22% and $NVTA down 1.64%. New ticker found: VFF.]

[Update 02/10/2021: $CRSR continues to drop 4.54%, $ELY up 0.73%, $OSTK down 2.61%, $APHA up 10.74%, $TLRY up another 51%, $RIG up 1.96% and $WHEN up another crazy 68%. $MGNI didn’t do well either, down 6.6%. New ticker found: $NVTA]

[Update 02/09/2021: $CRSR was weird today, down 2.8% despite earnings beating estimates. $ELY also down 1.1%, $OSTK up 4.28%, $APHA up 25.13% (!!), $TLRY up…

Graphical Programming & Atomic Workflow Design with Luigi


This is Part II to my initial article of building a linear classification algorithm to predict stocks that could go viral on Reddit. So far the stocks picked by that toy algorithm has gained between 10%-18% in a span of 3 days (disclaimer: not investment advice) and I will continue to update how it performs in the coming week. In this Part II, I will focus on refactoring our existing code into a robust and atomic workflow using Luigi. …

Kevin Fu

Quant Analyst | Juris Doctor, Masters Student in Data Science at Harvard

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